Our Mission

We have seen too many clients who previously lost hard-earned money due to investment costs, fees, taxes and unnecessary risk, and founded our firm to right those wrongs so your money can work harder for you and not the other way around.

Our mission is simple: to provide investment services that minimize the investment costs you pay compared to traditional mutual funds, brokerage firms, and insurance products. Let our knowledge and 36+ years of experience guide you to an investment approach that improves control of your investment costs and tax consequences.

After all, you are not just a number. Your dreams, goals, worries, and fears matter to us. That’s why we want you to reap the rewards of your hard work. By only charging one low fully transparent management fee, we ensure that you know exactly what you are paying LCM Capital Management.

That’s the way money management should be. Don’t you agree?

Our disclosures bring complete transparency to any minor or incidental fees and costs associated with our investments and services.

How we work

At LCM Capital Management, a Chicago-based registered investment advisory firm, we offer you an alternative to traditional investing. Instead of looking to outperform the market, we focus on reducing your fees and taxes, while helping you set reasonable goals and implement a cost-effective plan to achieve your goals. Over time, these changes can provide a positive impact on your long term invested savings.

As a client of LCM Capital Management, you receive professional money management services that place your interests first with a comprehensive, independent, unbiased approach. All portfolios are customized to your risk, time horizon, and tax circumstances. By allowing LCM to manage your investment portfolio, you can free up your time and energy to focus on other things that are truly important to you.

Let LCM Capital Management do a free portfolio review.

Contact us today to learn how we can help you achieve financial success and why you should avoid ever owning an annuity or mutual funds.

About John Nowicki

John Nowicki serves as co-founder, President and CCO with over 36 years of industry experience. He spends his days helping executives, physicians, and business owners prepare for a retirement that is comfortable by reducing costs, taxes and balancing risk.

John is passionate about providing transparent financial services. He is committed to empowering his clients with financial knowledge and understanding so they can make the right decisions for their life and family.

John has a bachelor’s degree in financial management from Indiana University Bloomington. When he’s not working, John enjoys spending time with Maria, his wife of 32 years, and their four adult children. John loves to take family vacations which always include his favorite hobbies of golfing and fishing. John has taught 5th grade religious education at his local parochial school. He has been an usher at Sunday mass for the last 30 years and has held several positions within the parish, including being a founding member of the Parish Finance Council.

John Nowicki
John Nowicki

About Gary Wozny

Gary Wozny is co-founder, Chairman, and CEO of LCM Capital Management. With over 36 years of experience providing financial services to individuals, business owners, and institutional clients, Gary is dedicated to helping investors cut their investment costs, resulting in a managed portfolio with a controlled cost and balanced risk environment.

Gary has a bachelor’s degree in business from Northeastern Illinois University.

Gary appreciates analyzing unique investor situations to help uncover areas where brokers or advisors are hurting an investor’s returns. Gary and John taught many brokers and advisors ethics and fiduciary protocol over the years, helping individuals and corporate accounts grow.

Gary values his time with his daughter and traveling when they can, both home and abroad. Gary also is a closet chef and enjoys fishing, playing drums and spending quality time with friends.